Saturday, February 26, 2011

Martha Paralee McCarley

Back in the 70s, when I was beginning my genealogy searches, I was in contact with Katherine B. Walters from Tyler, TX. Katherine helped me get started and told me several family stories. I believe she is the first one to tell me Paralee's story, although I have heard it from others since then with varying details. Katherine has passed away, but I have heard from other McCarley researchers that she helped them with their research too. I think she would be delighted at how many of Charles M. McCarley descendants are active genealogists.

As promised in an earlier post,here is Paralee's story:

Paralee married a Mr. White. One day he had a boundary dispute with a neighbor near Nocona, TX. After the argument, he went to the house for lunch. As was usual in those days, he was resting on the porch after lunch when the neighbor rode up on a horse. Without a word, the neighbor shot him. Paralee went into the house to get a gun. As she returned, the neighbor scooped up their young daughter and put her behind him on the horse as he rode away. Paralee could only watch as he rode away with her daughter. After he rode out of shotgun range, he put the child down and rode off.

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