Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Digital Library on American Slavery

The Race and Slavery Petitions Project was designed to locate, collect, organize, and publish all extant legislative petitions relevant to slavery, and a selected group of county court petitions from the fifteen former slaveholding states and the District of Columbia, during the period from the American Revolution through the Civil War. Try this resource at:

Found this record pertaining to the Evans family in Adams county, MS. Not my family but all signs indicated they were for a time.

PAR Number 21084916 (Petition Analysis Record)
State: Mississippi Year: 1849
Location: Adams Location Type: County

Abstract: In May 1840, the Planters Bank of the State of Mississippi recovered a judgment against Eliza, Robert and Thomas Evans for $2274.45, which was levied on three slaves. The slaves were scheduled to be sold, but the Evanses did not deliver them up for sale; another judgment issued and was levied on a tract of land. The petitioners, as assignees of the bank, are owed "the balance of said judgment" and since the bank has been dissolved, they ask that "the property levied on, or so much thereof as is necessary to pay the balance of said judgment" be sold.