Friday, December 2, 2011

3 Evans Brothers

There were 3 brothers who came to America.  That is almost as common as one of my ancestors was an Indian Princess.  But I really do have a story of 3 brothers.  The family tradition is that they were orphaned as teenagers.  They were suppose to have some sisters, but no one knows their names or what happened to them.  All of the children were spread out among the family to be raised. 

The three boys were John William, James Thomas, and J. M. (Jeptha or Jeremiah) Evans. I've done extensive research on all three boys but hadn't come up with any information before 1880.  John William was living with Jasper Flynn on the 1880 census in Tallahatchie County, MS.  He was only a few houses down from Mary Josephine Isabella Sumner who he married a few years later.  One of the other boys married Janie Flynn.

The third reference to the Flynn family came when I found three boys  named, John, James, and Jerry who were the right ages living with Eliza Flynn on the 1860 census in Adams County, MS.   Even though their last name is listed as Flynn instead of Evans, it is obvious that it is a blended family because there are two children named John and two named Mary.  If this is the correct family, then it must mean that one of the Marys is their sister.  

I've ordered microfilm from Adams County but didn't find anything conclusive.  There was no probate record or orphan records which named the boys. Recently I found a notice from the St. Mary's Cathedral Church which mentions a Robert Evans who died just months before the census record.  My next goal is to search the christening records at the church to see if I can identify the three boys and their parents.