Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Other records

Still in search of I. Dotterys maiden name, I searched death records. There were no Dotterys listed in the Montgomery County Cemetery book. Of course it would be a long shot that her maiden name would be listed on her gravestone, but it does happen sometimes. I also checked the Choctaw co. Cemetery book at the Dallas Public Library. And I checked the 1887 newspaper index for Montgomery county for an obituary. That is the only year I found at the library.

So why did I check Choctaw County in particular? I found a Nimrod Dottery in the Choctaw County, MS census record of 1860 with a son, Thos Dottery who was the right age to be the T. Dottery who married I. If they are the same person, it is possible that T & I married in Choctaw before moving to Montgomery County.

I need to check the slave census in 1860 for a female the right age near the Dotterys.

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