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Robert C. Evans, Natchez, Adams County, MS

 While my trip to Natchez didn't result in finding the parents of John Williams Evans, I found a tremendous amount of information about someone's Evans family.  I spent time at two churches, the courthouse, and the library.  I found evidence of three different Robert Evans and several other Evans families.  In the hopes of helping someone else research their elusive Evans Family, I am going to publish the information I found here.   This is what I found about Robert C. Evans. 

1.       Robert C. Evans & wife, Maria Fauntleroy
Bn 1801- 1810
Children,             Evelyn Mary Evans,  bn June 11, 1849
                               Robert Lynn (Lyoney) Joseph Evans, bn March 18, 1852
                                            Lelia Mary Evans, bn May 1858
                                            Thomas Lawrence Evans
                                            Viola Evans,
                Sisters:              Eliza Mary Evans, bn April 20, 1807, per deed record see d below.
                                            Catherine Evans, per deed record see d below.
                Brother:            Thomas L. Evans & wife,  Anna L., per deed record see d below.
                Parents:             Louis Evans and Sarah Rhodes, per sister’s baptism record
a.        Baptismal Records - Cathedral Church in Natchez, MS  
                                                               i.      Lelia Mary Evans, born May 1858– parents, Robert C. Evans, deceased and Maria Fauntleroy, natural offspring, all of Natchez, baptized April 25, 1860
                                                             ii.      Thomas Lawrence Evans, baptized April 25, 1860, parents the late Robert C. Evans and Maria Fauntleroy
                                                            iii.      Viola Evans, mentioned in the baptismal record of Eliza Mary Evans as being the daughter of Robert C. Evans and as a witness to the profession of faith of Eliza Mary Evans
                                                           iv.      Eliza Mary Evans, baptized on May 18,1860 having been previously baptized in the Episcopal Church. Daughter of Louis Evans and Sarah Rhodes.  She was born in Natchez, MS on April 20, 1807. [Sister of Robert C. Evans]
                                                             v.      Robert Lynn (Lyoney) Joseph Evans, baptized May 18, 1860, born March 18, 1852 son of the late Robert C. Evans and Maria Fauntleroy

                                                           vi.      Evelyn Mary Evans –born June 11, 1849, baptized May 18, 1860, natural daughter of the late Robert C. Evans and Maria Fauntleroy of Richmond, VA.

b.      March 22, 1839 (Deed) – selling land on Pearl St. to Eustis in Natchez.
                                                               i.      Brother, Thomas L. Evans & wife,  Anna L.
                                                             ii.      Sister, Eliza Evans
                                                            iii.      Sister, Catherine Evans
c.       Deed Index in Adams County:
                                                               i.      April 1838 – Grantors, Robert & Thomas L. Evans-  Grantee, H. S. Eustice, trustee, Deed of Trust, Book AA p631
                                                             ii.      April 1838 – Grantors, Robert & Thomas L. Evans – Grantee, Agriculture Bank, CQT, Deed of Trust, Book AA, p631
                                                            iii.      1839 – Grantee, Robert  C. Evans – Grantor Ludiz Kerber , Mortgage, Book BB p14
                                                           iv.      June 1840 – Grantor, Robert C. Evans – Grantee John Williamson, Deed of Trust, Book CC p310
d.      Census Records:
1830 Natchez, Adams County Census, p5
Robt C. Evans

Male 20-29
Females 20-29
Free Colored Male 10-23
Slave Male 10-23
Slave Female under 10
Slave Female     10-23

e.      Roll #0892101 V.12 Year 1855 Probate Court Records,  Adams County,  MS
                                                               i.      P. 539. Wed. March 28, 1860; Robert C. Evans, deceased, handwritten last will and testament, recorded after testimony of William Robertson, Benjamin F.B. Hunter.
f.        Will Book 3, 1854-1871, Adams County, MS, P.158
Dated, Feb. 21, 1857
Gave everything to sister, Eliza Evans
Mentions an agreement between him, Eliza, and Anna C D N Evans; Anna C D N Evans is to pay him $10,000 for his right to Bruinsburg Plantation in Claiborne County, MS.
Witnesses, H. Emerson & W. Stewart
g.       Cathedral Church, Natchez, Adams County, MS

February 19th, 1860 Quinquagesima

1. The prayers of the congregation are requested for the repose of the soul of Mr. Robert Evans, who died on Friday night, & who will be buried to-day at 12 M.

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  1. Hello, my name is Dina Queen, my grandfather is Otis Evans and our Evans family name/line started with a slave owner "Robert Evans". My family was the CLARK/EVANS family and they have a huge acreage of land in Natchez with an active Evans Cemetery with an adjacent CLARK cemetery. I believe that Hezekiah (Evans) arrived on a slave ship that landed in Annapolis Maryland according to Otis Evans who is 93 and has a foggy memory, but from Annapolis Hezekiah was brought to Smithfield VA and then sold and brought to Mississippi. The last name EVANS was assigned by the owner. I wonder if you might contact me, as I hope you have more insight that may help me. Thank you for your time and great detail in your blog about Robert and Eliza Evans, who I believe were the owners of the original line.