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George Evans and Harriet Bunce

Another Evans who lived in Adams Co., MS during the mid 1850s.

1.       George Evans & Harriet Bunce
a.       Marriage Book, Adams County, MS – Oct. 21, 1844 p 666
George Evans to Harriet Bunce
b.      Deed Index book – Adams County, MS
                                                               i.      March 23, 1839 – Grantor, Alvah Sanders – Grantee, George Evans, bill of sale, Book BB, p551
                                                             ii.      June 1840 – Grantor – Grantee, Alvah sanders, bill of sale, Book CC, p 201 (Dec. 8, 1840)
                                                            iii.      1847 – Grantor, George Evans, et al – Grantee, John B. Pryor, deed, Book GG p 357
                                                           iv.      1849 – Grantor, Wm Gay – Grantee, George Evans, deed, Book HH, p197
                                                             v.      1851 – Grantor,  - Grantee, G. Malin Davis, mortgage, Book II p304
                                                           vi.      1854 – Grantor, George Evans & wife – Grantee Edward P. Bunce, mortgage, book KK, p265
                                                          vii.      1854 – Grantor, George Evans & wife – Grantee, Harrison W. Brown, mortgage, Book KK, p275

c.       Census Records
                                                               i.      1850 Adams county, MS Census, City of Natchez, p33 Household 253
Evans, Geo age 46 – Machinest bn PA?
                Harriet age 30 – bn MD
                Robert age 5 – bn MS
                George J. ? (name partially obscured by tape) age 2 – bn MS
                                                             ii.      1860 Adams county, MS Census, Post Office, Natchez p.76  (1 of 3 Evans households in Adams Co.) Household #558
Evans, Harriet age 39 bn Pennsylvania, Property- $1,000, Personal Property - $1,000
Evans, George age 12 bn MS
Evans, Anna age 9 bn MS
Evans, Louisa age 5 bn MS
                                                            iii.      1870 Adams county, MS Census, post office, Natchez, MS (Aug 1st, 1870)
Orphans in St. Mary’s Asylum
Evans, Louisa, age 14 bn MS
d.      Roll #0892101 V.12 Year 1855 Probate Court Records,  Adams County,  MS
                                                               i.      P.444, Harrick B. Evans granted letters of administration; 
         Levin M. Patterson
         Joseph D. Sheton
         James A. Hester? Shisti?
                                                             ii.      P 447, April 15, 1859 – George Evans, deceased
Harriet Evans, administrator
Peter Hinder (Hunder) – approved security for Harriet Evans
                                                            iii.      P. 467, Wed., June 29, 1859 – Harriet B. Evans presented appraisement
                                                           iv.      P. 571, Wed. June 27, 1860 – In the matter of George Evans, court ordered Harriet B. Evans, administrator, to settle account by June 1861.
e.      Record book at the Episcopal Church in Natchez, MS
March 1869 – George Evans was killed in the explosion of the ship, “Princess” on the Mississippi River. [too late to be the father, but could be the son, age 9 in 1860 census]
Oct. 18, (1865?)- Mrs. Harriet Evans; age 45, buried at Natchez City Cemetery

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