Monday, January 23, 2012

Arphax was at ALA (American Library Association) Midwinter today.  Greg Boyd gave me a demo of the new subscription website based on the county land maps that they publish.  It was awesome.  His vision of the future of the website is awe inspiring as he intends to add many more maps to   The new website allows you to add custom markers to the maps. For instance, Greg showed me one marker of a postcard attached to the corner where the picture was taken.   I didn’t think to ask if everyone else can see the postcard, too.  I didn’t find that information on the website either.   

The website is like the books in that it has wonderful information but it is not really intuitive.  I’ve stumbled around in the website because I’m a hands on kind of person, but it looks like I’m going to have to watch the videos that explain how to use it.  I had to read the introduction and explanations in the books before I really understood how to use them, too.   Sometimes it really is worth it to read (watch) the directions. announced their new library subscription this weekend.  I’m hoping my local library gets it so I don’t have to get it.   If you want more information about the new website, Dick Easton reviewed it back in early January at

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