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Eliza Evans, sister to Robert C. Evans

Again, not part of our family but hopefully it will help someone.  When I do research that ends  up being a wrong track, I take solace in knowing I have proved that the person I'm seeking is not this Evans.  The one I seek is still out there waiting to be found.

1.       Eliza Evans (never married)  bn April 20, 1807 in Natchez, MS

a.       March 22, 1839 (Deed) – selling land on Pearl St. to Eustis in Natchez.
                                                               i.      Brother, Thomas L. Evans & wife,  Anna L.
                                                             ii.      Brother, Robert C. Evans
                                                            iii.      Sister, Catherine Evans
                                                           iv.      Parents, Louis Evans and Sarah Rhodes. 

b.      Deed Index, Adams  County, MS
                                                               i.      April  1838 – Grantor – Grantee, Lydia Dowell – Deed, book, AA, p 221
                                                             ii.      1839 – Grantee – Grantor, Randell H. Cashell – Bill of Sale, Book BB, p70
                                                            iii.      June 1841 – Grantor – Grantee, George W. Turner – Deed, Book DD, p. 451 (9 Nov. 1842)
                                                           iv.      1847 – Grantor – Grantee, Stephen D. Elliott – Deed, Book GG, p 14
                                                             v.      1858 – Grantor – Grantee, James Dougherty, Deed, Book MM, p 169
                                                           vi.      1860 – Grantor – Grantee, Ayres P. Merrill Jr. – Deed, book N, p 36
                                                          vii.      1860 – Grantee – Grantor, Frederic B. Ernest – Transfer, book NN, p 160
                                                        viii.      1866 – Grantor – Grantee, D.L. Monahan – Lease, book OO, p 331
                                                           ix.      1870 – Grantor – Grantee, Patrick L. Monahan – Deed, book QQ, p 185

c.       Removal from records of Trinity Episcopal Church in Natchez, MS (no date listed)
Miss Eliza Evans
Robert Evans

d.      Baptism Records – Cathedral Church, Natchez, MS (Catholic Church)
                                                               i.      Eliza Mary Evans, baptized on May 18,1860 having been previously baptized in the Episcopal Church. Daughter of Louis Evans and Sarah Rhodes.  She was born in Natchez, MS on April 20, 1807. [Sister of Robert C. Evans] (See image under Robert C. Evans).

                                                               i.      1860 – Adams County, MS –Post Office, Natchez,  living alone (1 of 3 Evans households in Adams Co.)
Household #834 – female, age 45, bn in MS, no occupation, value of property- $10,000, value of personal property - $6,000
                                                             ii.      1870 – New Orleans, LA
Evans,   Eliza age 63 (See Baptism records)
Maria  age 40
Madden, age 22
Lawrence, age 15 (See Baptism records)
Lelia, age 12   (See Baptism records)
Walters, James, age 46
Brown, Philip, age 10

f.        Cemetery Record – Natchez Cemetery, Adams County, MS –
Eliza Evans,  1814 – April 11, 1885

g.       Death Records by City Sexton, City of Natchez
Book: “Death & Burial Records 1819 – 1921, Natchez, MS. Vol. 1” compiled by Robert Shumway, 1988.
Eliza W. Evans – April 11, 1885 from Vidalia, LA buried in Fields Plat

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