Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flip Pal scanning

Today I spent the day at my parents.  I took some pictures back that I had borrowed awhile back to scan.  Mom has some pictures that she wanted me to scan and copy.  She wants prints of them so I decided to bring them back home to use the home scanner as it scans at a higher resolution.  She brought out a tub of photos. We spent the day talking about them and scanning them.  This photo had to be scanned in 4 scans and then stitched together.  It was only about an inch larger than the screen on both sides.  The stitching software did a good job.

Leeland Henry Lamb and Myrtle Olive Parker and their children.
Back Row: Eva (my Grandmother), Rose, Henry, Naomi, Nina
Middle Row: Jeff, Leeland, Myrtle, Beulah, Margarite
Front Row: Clarence, Art, Mary, Earl

My Dad was named after Leeland Henry, his grandfather.
My Uncle Earl, Dad's brother was named after their mother's brother, Earl. 

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