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My Life Voyage

My Life Voyage
            In 1881 March 13 near Mayfield, Kansas. I was born on a pioneer farm, am about the middle of a large family, grew up on the farm got a little education at Long Branch school enjoyed the hard work and fellowship of Sisters and Brothers and a Christian Father and Mother who tried to teach us the true and living way.
            I gave my life to Jesus at 12 years of age and have tried to follow him ever since although not as close as I should as there has been lots of sorrows, trials, and hardships all along the way although the joys far out numbered them all.
At 20 met a lad I loved and had a great sympathy for as he was left without parents at an early age altho a little wayward and rough. The spirit seemed to say marry him and save him for me. I prayed several weeks before launching on such a voyage but finaly yielded as the Spirit still plead with me to save him from Sin and Destruction.
So there has been years of anxiety and worry yet Jesus has always been near comforting and helping me at all times and the word of Our Pastor (R.L. George) who left the table of a friend and came to the well when I was drawing water and said, "God Bless You", and those words have tided me over many trying places when almost to give up in despair.
At 33 I had the great joy of seeing Hubby Saved by Grace about 14 years later but he has always been faithful and kind and ready to help those in need.
At 34 lost my dear Father in 1915. He had always been true and faithful to his family and God. I will never forget the sweet rememberences of the family alter and the lessons we learned around it in prayer which always helped me to stand the trials and hardships as the family had  [couldn’t read rest of the sentence].
At 35 we now had 8 children all healthy and happy with their share of sickness and trials of a large family, but all were spared through the Love of Jesus.
Many a time when trials pressed hard the tempter would say, give up, but there would seem to appear two pair of little hands at the Golden Gate beckoning me to be faithful. Hands of two little brothers that went on years before I was born but Thank God for his all wise Judgements and keeping power and guidance if we will but follow.
Then I had a severe sick spell in 1916 and but little hope was had for me for several days.  But God through his loving kindness saw fit to spare my life although at times before I had wished for Him to take me Home where all sorrow is over.  During this sick spell 3 times my life just hung on a thread as I had 3 bad hemorages and as I was recovering one day, just after dinner I was lying quiet and there seemed to appear Angels from Heaven and took me up with them a little ways and then I fell back to earth then again they took me higher to fall back and the third time away up in the most Beautiful Clouds I ever saw and the most beautiful peace I cannot express. But the need of the children were so great and they seemed to need me so bad that down I came with a great crash to earth again. But, Oh, if Heaven is just as great and beautiful as those clouds and the sweet experience was it will be worth striving for.
When this sickness came on me I prayed earnestly nearly all night to be spared for the children’s sake. Which prayer was answered.
At 37 lost a dear Brother in a Motorcycle accident in 1918 which was a severe shock to all of us.
Then in October when the flu was raging the Master came to me and said there is a Baby at Jefferson go get it and rear it for Me, or you will go to Hell. How I plead and made excuses but we must obey God rather than man, so lost a dear cousin and took her son, as she was called home to Heaven.
My youngest was born on February 4, 1920 with another severe sick spell but we were spared thro God’s Love took another little baby in 1921 as his Dear Mother went home to Heaven.  He also had a severe sick spell in which he almost passed over to be with her in peace and joy and no sorrow and sickness.
At 42 lost our Dear Mother in 1923, but her precious acts of kindness and self sacrifice still live in our memory. She is now rejoicing in Glory.
Then lost Our Dear Sister Nellie in July of 1923 which left 3 Motherless children which God said to me as each time before take the little babe. But, Oh, what a burden it seemed but I have always tried to obey the masters voice. Each of these little ones had as kind, patient, loving, self-sacrificing, and God fearing Mother as I ever saw. This sinful world was no place for them.
But we have been cencured and ridiculed and held down for taking these, by people instead of being helped.  But God said, “In as much as you did it unto these you did it unto me.” And He has always been graciously good and kind to us always. Altho at times it looks dark ahead but the Master was always present to comfort and help in time of need.
Then in Spring 1927 lost our Oldest Brother who was always faithful to his loved ones.
Then in October 1927 My Dear Hubby had an operation and severe sickness which almost took his life, but God through his Divine Goodness and Answer to prayers saved him for us.
Then in September of 1929 I was operated on. All throught I had passed over but the Master saw fit to spare me again. But as I was taken to the Hospital it seemed the Strong arms of the Master was beneath me bearing me up. I could feel them there all the time during my stay at the Hospital and had no fear for when Jesus is near, “He casteth out all fear and giveth a strong hope of Eternal Life.” My greatest regret is I have not lived closer and did more for Him, but he sees and knows how frail we are.
In the fall of 1930 we moved to Arkansas, have enjoyed the country and dearly love the people and their way. Altho have had sickness, accident, and sorrow. Jesus has always been near to Bless and Comfort in these trying hard times.
Oh, that all would strive more faithfully to do the Masters Will each day and hour. As God has promised to care for his own. And what else matters if we know our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life.
God will care for our own children as he has asked me to care for these little motherless ones that their Father’s have deserted.
Gods Love and a Mothers Love always abideth forever. Also most Father’s Love, Praise God for the Love and sympathy of my Dear Hubby for Motherless children and the oppressed although a great sufferer himself. God through his Great Love is Mighty to save and Strong to Deliver in times of need and destress.
May we all put Our whole trust in Him who can save and delier and seek his forgiveness from Sin and accept the Holy Ghost which is promised to all who will except Him.
                                                                        MOTHER LAMB
Handwritten at the bottom:
Died May 27, 1939 mother died.  58 years old when died. 

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