Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Pictures

Our family had a tragedy this summer, in that my Aunt and Uncle's house burned to the ground.  It made me realize our collective memories are fragile.  Along with my grandmother's pedal sewing machine, most of her pictures are now gone.  There were pictures of her with her cousins and friends that had no copies any where else.  Along with the images, the names of those friends are in jeopardy.  I don't know if any of her children remember them or not.  Another question I need to ask at the next reunion or sooner if I get the chance. Meanwhile I've decided that we have to spread our family pictures out more, so that one tragedy will not claim them all.  I realized that I have pictures of my brothers and sisters that I took with my brownie box camera that no one else has.

Since getting the Flip Pal scanner, I've been scanning pictures every time I go to visit my parents.  This weekend I didn't scan any, but I did bring some home to scan on a larger scanner.  This picture is of my Grandparents, Gladys Mamie Sample and Thomas Osa McCarley and their first daughter, my Mother, Gwonda.  My Grandmother was only 15 when she got married and is probably 16 in this picture. 

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