Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New information from the census

In my last post, I mentioned finding my Grandmother (Gladys) in the 1920 census. Her family was living next door to her stepfather's parents in Cotton County, OK. I knew that her mother and stepfather divorced after the 1920 census but that she remained close to him and even received letters from him just before and after her marriage at age 15. I became curious about her stepfather, James W. Ivey. What happened to him after the divorce? I had found a school record for my Grandmother that showed him living with them after the divorce, but I didn't know anything else about him. I still haven't found his death records, but I decided to find him in the 1930 census.

When the 1930 census records were released, I searched for my Grandparents. My mother was born in 1930 but she was not on the census records. I did find her parents, Ocie (Thomas Osa)and Gladys (Sample) McCarley. So as I did this new search, I wasn't expecting what I found. James W. Ivey was living with his brother, and parents in Stephens County. Imagine my surprise when the next door neighbor was Cid (Sidney) and Mattie McCarley, my great grandparents with 3 of their boys, Floyd, Wilbern, and Carl. AND the next family was Ocie and Gladys McCarley. In 2002, when I first found Ocie and Gladys McCarley in the 1930 census, I didn't know that the Ivey family in the next household was my Grandmother's stepfather.

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