Friday, November 25, 2011

Ardmore Courthouse

Last week I spent the day at the Ardmore courthouse with my good friend, Paula.  Paula was diligent about going through misc. indexes as I went through the court case, felony indexes.  I was specifically looking for the court case of Oscar Parish who shot and killed Jim McCarley in 1905.  This was two years before Oklahoma became a state.  I've searched for this record before, multiple times, but not at this courthouse.  Since it was before statehood, I spent one day at the Regional National Archives in Fort Worth since all of the federal records before statehood were transferred to them. The case was not there.  The archivist told me that if the case had dragged on and had not been resolved then it would still be at the courthouse in Oklahoma.   There were 3 district courthouses before statehood, the next one I'll try was in Tishamingo.  However it isn't often that I get a day off during the week when the courthouses are open.

The trip wasn't a waste of time though.  We found my great great grandfather's probate record.  M.W. (Mitchel Wilbern) McCarley didn't have any land listed, but did list a horse, buggy and harness, 1 cow, 120 bushels of corn, 80 bales of hay, watch, and other misc items.   Although there is an affidavit which states some of the property listed belongs to Mamie Bray and the buggy and harness was sold to Lee Bray the first of January.  Sidney McCarley (my great grandfather) filed the paperwork.

M.W. McCarley departed this life on January 16, 1916 at Nocona, Montague County, Texas and was a resident of Healdton, Carter County, OK.   The petition for letters of administration lists heirs as:
Eli McCarley age 44, residence Mariette, OK
Sidney McCarley, age 41, residence Ringling, OK
Macom McCarley, age 38, residence Unknown
Sarah Stout, age 35, residence Staunton, OK
Effie Stewart, age 32, residence Glenn, OK
Fred McCarley, age 28, residence Wirt, OK
Mamie Bray, age 25, residence Healdton, OK
Nannie Laurence, age 23,residence Legal, OK
Walter McCarley, age 27, residence Marlow, OK

M.W's obit

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