Monday, July 18, 2011

Bob's Great Great Grandparents

While I admit that I don't do nearly as much research on his family, I didn't realize how much information I was missing.  I don't know any of his Great Grandparents on his Mother's side, much less his Great Great Grandparents.  I am positive that all of his ancestors on that side were born in Japan.  

Even on his Dad's side, the facts are kind of sparse.  It is just a calculated guess that 16 & 17 were born in Ireland, based on who I think the boys were living with on  the 1860 census.  I could be wrong about the census record, as other relatives think that a different census record is them. 

Bob’s Great Great Grandparents

16.   Unknown  probably bn in Ireland 

17. Unknown  probably bn in Ireland

18. Joseph Burton Sumner
            Bn  11 Oct 1837 - AL
            Dd  15 Feb 1920  - Sumner, Tallahatchie Co., MS

19. Susanna Ferguson
            Bn abt 1840  AL
            Dd 5 June 1909 Sumner, Tallahatchie Co. MS

20.  Emery A. Jordan
            Bn  1838 - MS

21.  Martha Sparks
            Bn:  abt 1844  TN

22. Thomas Dottry
            Bn: abt 1846 MS

23. Jane Teer (maybe)
            Bn: abt 1856  MS

24. unknown
            Bn  Japan

25. unknown
            Bn Japan

26. unknown
            Bn Japan

27.  unknown
            Bn Japan

28.  unknown
            Bn Japan

29.  unknown
            Bn Japan

30.  unknown
            Bn Japan

31.  unknown
            Bn Japan

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